The 2012 Big Tent Event in Chapel Hill-NC is On!

Everybody loves recognition, right? Even the smallest bit of recognition can make someone feel incredibly special. If you were to work on a small project and your boss congratulates you on doing a good job, it can make someone feel great to hear those words of encouragement. The same applies to your home life. If you cooked a delicious meal, or even a not-so-delicious meal, and someone gives you “kudos” for working hard and preparing a complete meal (delicious or not) it can uplift one’s spirits and give confidence to continue. Are congratulations in order for making a purchase? Sure they are! We congratulate people on buying a home, a business, a rare item, and even cars. People want to be recognized for major events in their lives, just like the minor ones.

At Performance Automall, we are working hard to embody those emotions people get when they are recognized for something cool. We have recently began recognizing our valued guests for the new, or new-to-them, vehicles they purchase from us. With permission from our guests, we are recognizing everyone we can by sharing the awesome new purchases our guests are making on social media. Along with congratulations, we are offered a sincere and heartfelt welcome to our family of dealerships. Visit us today to see why doing business with us makes you a part of the family!