The 2012 Big Tent Event in Chapel Hill-NC is On!

The essential arts to living daily are taught to us by teachers, but we learn motivation, and inspiration from mentors. You don’t have to be a PhD, and engineer, an artist, or a musician to be a mentor, anybody can be a mentor to any person! A mentor is a trusted advisor, someone who will not lead you astray, but will also note ways to improve that will help you become better at what you need help with. Seek mentors to learn skills that will improve your quality of life and pay it forward when the opportunity presents itself.

At Performance Automall, we look forward to mentoring new employees. Starting fresh in the automobile industry can seem daunting at first, but with a staff eager to help build each employee up to their highest potential, the stress eases quickly. We also strive to mentor our guests with their new vehicles. As technology advances and becomes increasingly more common in new vehicles, it can take a bit of mentoring to help guests fully understand the proprietary technology in each of the vehicles.

We have product specialists here, automotive technology geniuses, if you will, who can answer any question about your vehicle. We encourage follow-up consultations with our geniuses to help you learn how to use all of the equipment in your new vehicle. We know it’s easier to learn and retain new information once you’ve driven your vehicle for a couple of weeks, so call us and schedule an appointment with a product genius today.

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