The 2012 Big Tent Event in Chapel Hill-NC is On!

If you were to combine determination and persistence, you would get tenacity. Tenacity is never giving up against all odds. It is arguably the most important principle behind success. When someone tells you no, or things get in the way, it is up to you to work through those obstacles. The more you do this, the likelihood of success certainly follows. In the automobile retail industry, it takes tenacity to be successful. We will not always hear the word yes, but we do what we can to work through the “no’s”. It is because of the “no’s” that we are able to learn what we can do better and keep on offering our products and services to our community.

At Performance Automall, our tenacity is second to none. Tenacity is not obnoxious, it is respectful and always in the best interest of our guests. When we are working for our guests, our tenacity remains true. We’ll keep working hard to solve any mechanical issues, find elusive parts, and help you find a great deal on your next vehicle purchase. Stop by today to see how we can serve you!

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