The 2012 Big Tent Event in Chapel Hill-NC is On!

There are many reasons people love to travel, but there are two reasons many of us can closely relate to. Those two reasons are being able to escape and relaxing/rejuvenating. An article by Virtuoso, specialists in the art of travel, mentions that travelling is great for workaholics![1] Being able to step away from work is important both mentally and physically. When you go back to work, it’s easy to take a look at what you do with a fresh set of eyes. Relaxing or rejuvenating can just be good for the soul. Take a step away from the normal pressures of everyday life! Virtuoso goes on to mention, “in fact, 86 percent of people believe [travelling to relax/rejuvenate] improves their mood and outlook on life”.[2]

Performance Automall is a proud supporter of travel. We encourage our employees to take time away from work to escape daily work pressures and relax. In fact, Performance Automall believes so strongly in taking time away from work to relax and rejuvenate, our employees can earn up to 3 weeks of vacation per year!

The perfect way to travel to your perfect destination is in a brand new vehicle. We have several makes and models to choose from that will give you the perfect ride to get you to the beach or the mountains…your choice! Come visit us in Chapel Hill and Durham to pick up the perfect new vehicle to escape in.

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