The 2012 Big Tent Event in Chapel Hill-NC is On!

Hi! I’m Alex, the Social Media Strategist for Performance Automall. We’ll start this introduction out with my background…just to knock it out of the way and get to the good stuff! I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in May of 2016 and started a Master’s degree at Western Carolina University about a month later. What was I thinking?!? I had an interesting collection of past jobs before graduating from UNC and starting my career with Hendrick Automotive Group. I worked on the floor as a CNA at a psychiatric hospital, I was a jeweler’s apprentice, and I loaded trucks full of car interior fabrics for Japanese automotive manufacturers…amongst other things.

If you have left a review about our dealership, I was, most likely, the person who responded to it. I put up the daily posts on Facebook and our blog. If you haven’t checked out our blog…please do that. It’s full of fun reads!

Now, on to the good stuff! I have a YouTube channel that does product reviews and an eBay business that sells the same types of products as I review. I have a love for fast, exotic cars and I want to learn how to dance like Will Smith in the 90s. I like people, and things, that have character. I go to Comic-Cons whenever I get a chance…especially to meet people that I watched on TV growing up. Nostalgia always makes you feel good! I have a collections of vinyl records because I love the way classic rock sounds with the pops and scratches in the song (again, the character!). I hope to grow and expand my knowledge beyond what I’m doing now and continue to grow with the company. I even have a goal to do my job so well, that I can speak at one of our company-wide leadership conferences to share strategies. I enjoying sharing information with others.

Alex Wiseman, Social Media Strategist
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