Performance X-Change Program


The Performance X-Change Program is about us providing information to you when it is the optimal time to X-Change your vehicle for something newer and nicer, with more warranty and maintenance protection than you presently have, with your payment desires in mind.

How do YOU Benefit?

With market availability of pre-owned vehicles at an all-time low (due to lower sales volume over the last 5 years as a result of a slower economy), the acquisition of enough pre-owned vehicles to meet the current superior market conditions is hard for us to meet. We're able to offer you a Premium amount for your vehicle because of this. Most times your payment on a new or newer vehicle will be about the same and at times even less than what you currently pay. That's a WOW! Plus, your new or newer vehicle will have additional / enhanced manufacturer warranty coverage to provide you with more vehicle protection.

How do WE benefit?

We don't have to buy vehicles we don't know! We would much prefer to offer vehicles for sale to our local clients that we acquire from our own local client base. We don't have to scout auto auctions looking for nice vehicles that are not damaged and may have poor vehicle histories. Plus, if we buy a vehicle we know, we don't need to pay additional auction / purchase fees and expensive transportation fees; therefore we can pass the money we save on to you. We get a locally-owned vehicle with maintenance history we know that we can offer to our local clients - WE ALL WIN!

How does it work?

We can provide a simple, no-obligation proposal X-change sheet to you with descriptive information of your vehicle's value and an improved vehicle scenario in many cases. We can do this with no-hassle and time-to-ponder flexibility, allowing you to make the right choice.

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